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Will it be impossible to do hookups on POF?

Ordinary men do it, PUAs do it – I presume everybody is doing it. If an only dating service is offered free, there will be many men looking for a cheap hookup. And as the world has changed, there will be a lot of women longing for an ONS as well.

So did you hear the news? POF will „delete unseers without warning“ who look for “short term“ relationships, also known as hook ups or ONS.

We have learned from Markus that he will do the following to protect humankind from being hooked up:

Any first contact between users that contains sexual references will not be sent. Anyone who tries to get around this rule will be deleted without warning. This rule has actually been in effect since last month and it’s made the site so much better.

Good Luck, Markus – but did you look at Google before you decided about that? For example, at this post? Ands do you still remember what AskMen said about POF? I´m quite sure that all men who love hook ups (and even women) will continue to use POF, because most hookups do not start with “Hey, what about an ONS tonight?“

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