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This week in Dating (13) – Cellphones and Swiss Dating

Well “experts“ over there in the USA: I remember well the last revolution in dating you predicted: it was social networking. Now everybody says that “cellphone dating“ is the new hype. Let’s face it: You do not sit in a coffee shop all day and wait until somebody calls you up and asks you for a date, do you? What kind of women would sit there, having a cellphone ready and wait for some to call her up? I saw hotel whores in some countries, sitting in the lobby and just waiting for a customer to call them up, and those are the only persons over 25 I can ever think of being ready for a quick date over the cellphone with a person „near your present destination“.

But – back to Europe. I just wonder how people in Finland (where they have a lot of cellphone) will ever have a quick date over a cellphone – because they have only 15 inhabitants per square kilometer. More real news from Europe? Yes, from Switzerland. One country, four languages – and now they are trying to date across their own language borders and even try to mingle with their French, Italian and German neighbors.

One client of a causal dating service was not very happy to pay for a service with “dead“E-Mail-Addresses, as the Swiss Newspaper “20 Minuten“ reported. May be cell phone dating would have been a solution for his problems?

As you can see, my weekly report is very short this week – everything else is in my German weekly report.

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