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This week in Dating – Week 44 – infidelity

If you love, you always take a risk – this might be the right answer to questions about your personal risk when you love – or heave sex with someone. The only way to handle it in the right way might be to say “I wanted it – and so I did it“ as the German author Antje Brauers does.

Well – what is going on in Germanys Dating Industry. To start with, infidelity is the number one theme this week, so you can guess what it is not: the financial crisis does not affect the dating industry so far in Europe. I talked to an indsider this week, and he said that everything is going well – except some startups in the so-called web 2.0 environment. The German newspaper DIE WELT published an article about the niche dating sites, which I can recommend very much.

This is not new: the expectations of the ladies (especially those over 40) are far to high I talk about it in my “tacheles“ article. To put it in a nutshell: love is not a branded product, which you can “just buy“. You have to take personal effort to gain love – that*s the message. Sounds very common doesn´t it?

You´re waiting for the articles about infidelity, don´t you? First of all, you can ask yourself what percentage of woman have been involved in adultery – and the answer will be “about“ followed by a percentage, wich may vary between 1 and 30 percent. It all depend, whom you ask and how you ask – so never believe what they say in newspapers. The figures are always higher.

If it can be done, it will be done – but sure not for free. So a lot of start-ups want to take part in the business to arrange extra-martial affairs, which they prefer to call “casual dating“, better know as “one night stands“. But it´s not so easy, because there is a lot of competition – so last week three of the lesser-known dating sites send out press releases about what they are doing – or intend to do. It seems that it is the same with really big aka fat people – they seem to call themslves XXL- people nowadays.

Well, if it can be done, it can be spied out. So if you aks Google for “infidelity“ ore something similar you will see advertisements from detectives as well. It doesn´t surprise me – but what is really surprising, is that you can order a woman to lure your husband-to-be or any other person into …. We don´t know exactly, as “sexual intercourse is off limits“ for the person.

So what else did we see this week? „Daily sex“ (365 days a year) seems to be impossible for couples – only one percent fancied it (with the same partner of course) – and Ina talked about photos in profiles again – this time it is about nude breasts and well-filled bras – and why you should NOT show them in your profile.

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